As American… As Dads Catering.

$28.95 per person if served Buffet Style two entrée with Disposable package

$32.95 per person Buffet Style with China Package

$36.95 per person for Sit Down meal with China Package
Price includes, Vegetable, Soup or Salad, Starch, Beverages, Condiment, Rolls & Butter

Entrée                                         Vegetable                    Starch                 Soup or Salad

Chose 2                                           Chose 1                            Chose 1                  Chose 1

Baked Ham                                    Green Beans                 Baked Potato         Garden Salad

Beef Brisket                                   Corn                                Twice Baked          Caesar Salad

Beef Stew                                       Broccoli w/ Cheese      Mashed                  Macaroni Salad

Beef Stroganoff                             Cauliflower                   Au Gratin               Potato Salad

Buffalo Chicken Breasts               Peas                              Sweet Potato        Chicken Tortilla Soup

Cabo Casserole                               Peas & Carrots            Rice (white)         Cream of Asparagus

Cajun Meatloaf                               Baked Beans                Rice (brown)        Cream of Mushroom

Chardonnay Chicken Breasts      Bell Pepper Medley    Southern Biscuits Crm of Potato & Leek

Chicken Cordon Bleu                    Creamed Corn              Garlic Mashed     Green Chili Chicken

Chicken Fermandine                      Asparagus                    Bread Stuffing     Italian Chicken Soup

Chicken Fried Steak                       Sliced Tomato             Cauliflower Mashed     Split Pea

Chicken & Dumplings                    Cabbage                                                  White Bean & Sausage

Chicken Marsala                             Beets

Chicken Parmesan                          Vegetable Blend

Chicken Picatta

Chili Pasted Roast Beef

Cornish Game Hen                                                                                      Chose 2 Dressings

Green Chili Pork Stew

Italian Chicken Breast                                                                                          Italian

Italian Turkey Roulade                                                                                         Ranch

Jambalaya w/ Chicken or Shrimp                                                                    Raspberry Vinaigrette

Jerk Chicken                                                                                                          1000 Island

Pork Chops                                                                                                             Bleu Cheese

Pork Tenderloin                                                                                                 Avocado Bacon

Portabella Mushroom Parmesan                                                                     Creamy Gorgonzola

Roast Beef & Au Jus                                                                                            French

Roasted Turkey Breast                                                                                        Red Wine Vinaigrette

Southern Fried Chicken

Southwestern Chicken Breasts                                                                           Beverages

Sweet & Sour Chicken                                                                                           Chose 2

Iced Tea, Coffee, Punch,

Bottled Water, Lemonade

Cups & Ice Included

Don’t Forget your Appetizers & Dessert (sold separately)

All Buffets Include: Service ware, Disposable plates, Napkins, Buffet tables, Buffet tablecloths, Delivery & Setup.

Servers & Cleanup are no charge for groups of 50 or more.