BBQ. Its Not Just In The Backyard             Anywhere anytime.

These items are served Buffet Style & include:

Condiment Tray, Assorted Buns, 2 Beverages, 2 Vegetables, 2 Salads and 1 Dessert


Entrees                                                                 Cost Per Person

Hamburger & Hot Dog Combo                                  $13.95

Hot Dogs                                                                         $10.95

Bacon Wrapped Chili Dogs                                         $14.95

Beer Brats                                                                       $13.95

BBQ Beef                                                                         $14.95

BBQ Brisket                                                                    $14.95

BBQ Chicken (pulled on a bun)                                  $15.95

BBQ Pulled Pork                                                            $14.95

BBQ Ribs & Chicken Combo                                        $18.95

Jalapeno Gorgonzola Burgers                                      $15.95

Jamaican Jerk Chicken                                                 $16.95

10 oz. Center Cut Top Sirloin                                      $18.95

10 oz. Rib-Eye                                                                 $19.95

8 oz. Filet Mignon                                                        $25.95

Surf & Turf Shish Kabob (shrimp & sirloin)            $24.95

Sliders / Angus beef                                                      $12.95

Sliders / Sausage (choice of Italian, Bratwurst or Andouille)    $14.95

Vegetables                       Salads                            Desserts

Chose 2                                 Chose 2                             Chose 1

BBQ Baked Beans                 Potato              Assorted Fresh Baked Cookies

Ranch Style Beans               Macaroni                        Brownies

Corn on the Cob                   Pasta                               Sheet Cake

Assorted Chips                     Three Bean



Chose 2

Iced Tea, Coffee, Punch, Lemonade or Bottled Water

All Buffets Include: Service ware, Disposable plates, Napkins, Buffet tables, Buffet tablecloths, Delivery & Setup.

Servers & Cleanup are no charge for groups of 50 or more. 

We recommend ordering a few Appetizer Trays and Dessert with this venue.